Public at Risk This Bank Holiday Weekend Due to Full Moon

By 29th July 2015 May 17th, 2019 Advice

On Friday there will be a full moon and and consequent spring tides which will leave the public exposed to stranding around our coastline and strong rip currents this weekend. August is the most popular month for outdoor swimming and aquatic activities prompting Irish Water Safety’s appeal to swim at Lifeguarded waterways and to stay close to shore and within your depth.

Ireland averages 135 drownings every year. Drownings happens quickly and silently yet people can stay safe by heeding the following advice:

Safe Swimming this Bank Holiday Weekend

  1. Swim at lifeguarded waterways – all listed at
  2. Swim within your depth and stay within your depth.
  3. Swim parallel and close to shore.
  4. Swim with others in bathing areas that are traditionally recognised as safe.
  5. Never use inflatable toys in open water or swim out after anything drifting.
  6. Pay attention to signs on the beach and supervise children at all times.
  7. Never swim in the dark, late at night or after consuming alcohol.
  8. Avoid staying in the water too long.
  9. In Marine Emergencies, call 112 and ask for the coastguard.

To stay save when rip currents are running

To avoid stranding always carry a mobile phone with you during coastal walks and when picking shellfish

No matter what your aquatic activity, when you are on or near water always wear a correctly fitted lifejacket with a crotch strap.

Children are curious about water therefore it is critical that adults supervise children at all times.

* 135 drownings per year is based on a ten year average to 2014. The highest figure recorded in any one year was 235 in 1983. Detailed statistical analysis here:

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