Do you have a passion for reducing drowning statistics globally?

Join the international bodies of swimming teaching and help us achieve our global objective and mission by equipping everyone, everywhere with water safety and survival skills.

For just £250 per annum, be a part of a global movement that makes a difference.

What are the benefits of becoming an IFSTA member?

  • Gain international recognition
  • Share best practise with other global organisations
  • Transferability and mapping of qualifications, allowing your swimming teachers to travel with their career
  • Collaborate on water safety project initiatives
  • Gain support from other member countries and expand your network
  • Free STA (The Swimming Teachers’ Association) UK annual conference ticket
  • Access an exclusive 20% discount on specialist training from Autism Swim
  • Take advantage of an exclusive 15% discount on Konfidence and Cuddle Dry merchandise.

Water Safety Ireland has been a proud member of IFSTA since 2004 and we have conformed to all of its standards, aims and goals of its regulations. We have played an active role since then and see a bright and strong future for IFSTA. In the past and today we encourage new members to join this world body to raise the standards of swimming teaching.

John LeechChief Executive, Water Safety Ireland

Singapore STA has been a member of IFSTA ever since it was formed. We have expanded our friends worldwide, have exchanged many ideas with each other and learned a lot through the different interactions with the other member countries.

We have grown as a swimming community thanks to IFSTA.

Tian MengPresident, Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association

VSLC is delighted to have been accepted as a member of IFSTA. We are proud to join an international organisation which is committed to promoting the highest standards of swimming teaching and aquatic safety internationally, with the objective of reducing the global burden of drowning. We welcome the opportunity to share best practice and work together with leading swimming associations from around the world to achieve our shared aims of promoting water safety.

Hoang Thi LieuAdministration Director, The Vietnam Swimming & Lifesaving Company

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