IFSTA Inclusion Policy Statement

Last Updated: 07/08/2023

The International Federation of Swimming Teachers Associations (IFSTA) supports diversity and inclusion as important to our global swimming community’s success. We believe that embracing varied backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences strengthens collaboration, fosters innovation, and better serves our community.

IFSTA urges its members to:

  1. Implement policies that ensure all individuals feel welcomed, valued, and respected.
  2. Facilitate open dialogue and constructive conversations around diversity, inclusion and belonging.
  3. Ensure equitable access to resources, opportunities, and support for all members.
  4. Pursue ongoing education to understand and advance diversity, inclusion and belonging.
  5. Collaborate and share best practices with other member organisations.

IFSTA encourages its members to support the above actions, not only as a way to strengthen their own programs and policies but also to support and encourage sharing, collaboration and professional exchange programs between member organisations.